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Elton Bennett (1910-1974) Elton Bennett's lifelong dream always was to be an artist. He grew up on the Washington Coast, where mill work, fishing and dredging were common occupations, and Bennett himself knew many years of firsthand experience at them. Elton Bennett chose silkscreen printing for his medium because it allowed so many possibilities for manipulating compositions. Bennett didn't like the idea of creating a work only one person might see, or that could not be changed once 'completed.' Bennett would always use a great number of screens and colors in infinite combinations so that each finished serigraph was a unique work of art. Elton Bennett serigraphs depict the Pacific Northwest coastal environment and give glimpses of the working lives of the people the artist knew and worked with all his life. These works have steadily gained recognition over the years. The artist's tragic death in 1974 in an airplane crash has meant a substantial increase in their value as a solid investment


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